Reconsideration of the History

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  1. The Tokyo Trial is legally invalid. (Feb.21,1997)

  2. A false accusation against the "Last Emperor of China" Aisin Gioro P'ui as a war criminal (Feb.21,1997)

  3. Tibet is not a territory of China! (Feb.21,1997)

  4. Taiwan is not a part of China! (Feb.21,1997)

  5. Another Manchu-kuo, the dream of the "Inner Mongolian Independence"

  6. An explosives warehouse of China, "Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region"

  7. The Tokyo Summit 1943 — the Great East Asia Conference

  8. Brief clarification of Chinese double standard against Japan and for China. (Apr.29,1997)

  9. Concerning the historical connection between Japan and Manchuria – the Bokkai Alliance – (Oct.11,1997)

  10. The proposal of King David Kalakaua I – the attempted Japan + Hawai Federation – (Feb.21,1998)

  11. The historical origin and political significance of the country name "China" and other variations in other language. (Mar.5,1998)

  12. The origin of the Korean alphabet "Hangul". (Mar.27,1998)

  13. "August 17th 2605" – concerning the Japanese contribution to the Indonesian Independence – (Aug.22,1998)

  14. The historical significance of the Russo-Japanese War – the ignition of Asian decolonization – (Oct.7,1998)

  15. The Great American Expectation. (Oct.22,1998)

  16. The should-be and could-be Japanese National Defense Policy (Nov.7,1998)

  17. The Independence of Ryukyu Kingdom!! How to deal with "the problem of the US bases in Okinawa" (Nov.22,1998)

    Special Report : Okinawa (Aug.18,2004)  Copylight by OGURA Keiko

  18. The Japanese unconscious seen through their policy of Southern advancement and Northern advancement (Dec.22,1998)

  19. Concerning a product of Chinese inferiority complex – the reality behind the "Zhonghua" ideology – (Mar.7,1999)

  20. The false Israel – concerning the fabricated connection between Japan and Israel – (Mar.21,1999)

  21. The idea of a "Great East Asian Commonwealth" was not that of the military authority (Apr.22,1999)

  22. Japan supported Korea's independence. (May.7,1999)

  23. The attempted Korean Reformation (May.22,1999)

  24. Defending Korea from Russia (Jun.7,1999)

  25. Why many Koreans sought for the annexation of Korea by Japan (Jun.22,1999)

  26. The positive contribution to Korea of the Japanese administration of Korea (Jul.6,1999)

  27. The fabricated story of the Japanese forced prostitution system (Jul.22,1999)

  28. Japan did not lose against China (Aug.7,1999)

  29. The Potsdam Declaration is invalid (Aug,22.1999)

  30. Was the USSR really a victorious nation against Japan? (Sep.7,1999)

  31. The irrationality of the Treaty of Peace with Japan (Oct.7,1999)

  32. The Korean involvement in the Mongolian attack against Japan (Feb.7,2000)

  33. The fabricated idea of a Chinese civilization that continuously lasted for 4000 years (May.7,2000)

  34. The Jewish State that never came to be – concerning the Project "Fugu" – (Jun.22,2000)

  35. The American national interest vis-à-vis the union of the two Koreas. (Jul.22,2000)

  36. The forgotten imperial soldiers – concerning the Korean and Taiwanese military participation in the Japanese military force – (Aug.22,2000)

  37. The actual South Korean independence. (Oct.7,2000)

  38. Concerning the actuality and significance of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident (Nov.7,2000)

  39. Concerning the nature of the Japanese military conflict against China (Nov.22,2000)

  40. The "Last Emperor" Aisin Gioro P'ui is not a "hanchien"

  41. The "Eastern Mata Hari" KAWASHIMA Yoshiko is also not a "hanchien" (Aug.12,2005)

  42. The sovereignty over Okinawa is unsettled? China has eventually revealed its desire (Sep.10,2005)

  43. It was not "unconditional surrender" what the Empire of Japan accepted!!" (Oct.10,2005)

  44. "Chinese Military invades Okinawa" — a false "Yahoo! News" still foresees the Second China Incident (Oct.29,2005)

  45. Taiwan's "Taiwanization" — President Chen Sui-bian's decision to abolish the Guidelines for National Unification and to join the United Nations again (Feb.10,2006) New!!

  46. Abolition of the "National Unification Council" —— Japan should clearly support Taiwan's decision!! (Mar.3,2006) New!!

  47. The Emperor's visit --- The final measure to fundamentally resolve the "Yasukuni Issue" (Apr.18,2006)

  48. Sleepless nights by only two survey vessels --- South Korea was shuddered by Japan's "Hydrographic survey" around Takeshima (May.2,2006)

  49. The sovereignty over Busan belongs to Japan!? --- Countermeasures against South Korea regarding to the "Takeshima Issue," Part 1 (Jun.2,2006)

  50. The sovereignty over South Korea belongs to Japan!? --- Countermeasures against South Korea regarding to the "Takeshima Issue," Part 2 (Jul.5,2006)

  51. China has no right to speak about Japan's attack capability at all!! (Jul.20,2006)

  52. The Sovereignty over South Korea belongs to Japan!? (continued) --- Countermeasures against South Korea regarding to the "Takeshima Issue," Part 3 (Aug.24,2006)

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